About Issla Risk | Global Intelligence

Issla Risk Global Intelligence is an international corporate security consulting firm. We provide research, intelligence, due diligence, and risk management services to multinational companies, private investors, banks, investment funds, insurance companies, law firms, and other private sector organizations. Our Legal Companies are based in London, Colombia, Panama, Chile, Paraguay, USA.

Our portfolio of services is designed to prevent fraud, control and respond to the risk associated with investments and businesses. Our risk-based approach helps individuals, businesses and organizations prevent losses and successfully develop their business projects in emerging markets and high-risk countries. Issla Risk Global Intelligence has nine business units that are: Due Diligence, Corporate Investigations, Litigation Support, Reputation Intelligence, Brand Enforcement, OSINT, HUMINT, and SOCMINT.

We Guarantee The Quality Of Our Services Through The Practice Of The Following Principles:

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Generated Reports
Years of Experience
Operating Countries

Issla Risk Integrity Code

Constant effort to improve our services

Ethic conduct in all the procedures

The total commitment in each one of our projects

Respect and comply with the law

Respect for human rights and cultures

Respect the fair competition


We act to prevent, reduce, mitigate and neutralize the risks to protect the assets and economic interests of our clients around the world. We operate from the scene and act as the eyes and ears of our clients. Each client, each project, each risk, each crisis, and each client is different. That is why our services are designed to adapt to the specific needs of our clients.

Mission & Vision

The Issla Risk Global Intelligence mission is to provide timely intelligence to their clients to prevent risks and to reputation and assets protection. Ensure efficient and high-quality service to our customers to take tactical and strategic decisions in complex business scenarios. To be recognized as a leader in business intelligence, corporate research and a global consulting company.

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