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At Issla Risk, our thorough international due diligence offers in-depth risk insights, facilitating well-informed decision-making to streamline operations and foster sustainable growth. Opt for Issla Risk to benefit from unmatched expertise, establishing a strong foundation for success in international business. Start your exploration of Latin American and Caribbean Investigations with us today.

Empower your business strategy in the Americas. Issla Risk delivers tailored corporate intelligence solutions, offering a nuanced understanding of markets, competitors, and partners to drive informed and strategic decision-making.

Trust Issla Risk for discreet and effective investigations in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Central America. Our seasoned experts employ advanced techniques, delivering actionable intelligence that safeguards your business interests and preserves your reputation.

Ensure legal resilience with Issla Risk. Our litigation checks provide thorough assessments, minimizing legal risks and positioning your business for success in diverse and dynamic regional legal landscapes.

Mitigating Risks with KYC Investigations in the Caribbean

Secure your business in evolving markets with Issla Risk’s Know Your Customer (KYC) Investigations Service. Proactively anticipating and preventing financial irregularities, we offer a robust shield against economic risks.

¿Why Choose ISSLA RISK?

Our staff of experts combines two decades of experience, advising and serving private and corporate clients with interests and businesses in the Americas and the Caribbean region.

Specializing in risk management, fraud prevention, corporate intelligence, brand protection, and related issues, our portfolio of services is designed to prevent and prosecute corporate fraud while protecting our client’s assets and reputation.

Countries We Serve

Our operational reach extends across the Americas and the Caribbean. Since 2009, we’ve successfully conducted operations in 52 jurisdictions, spanning North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Collaborating with local resident partners, we possess the expertise and technical know-how needed to conduct ethical and professional investigations.

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Central America and Caribbean: A Great Place!

The Americas and the Caribbean region is an area of great opportunities for companies and organizations looking to expand their businesses. However, it is also a region of great challenges, such as corruption, organized crime and political instability. Companies and organizations operating in this region need to have a reliable partner to help them mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities.

¿How can I help my customers?
By providing reliable intelligence for timely and effective tactical and strategic decision-making. Comprehensive, effective, and timely intelligence support is crucial. Before planning a case, it is necessary to understand the client’s needs and tailor the scope.

About me
I’m a corporate investigation professional with extensive regional LatAm experience. My work focuses on risk identification, fraud prevention and investigation, asset recovery, and risk control for companies, investors, and private individuals. Most of my clients have projects and business interests in Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean.

Victor Cañete

Founder of ISSLA RISK

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