Reputational Intelligence

Third-Party Reputational Intelligence

Our clients benefit from this Reputational Intelligence service, protecting their reputation and getting to know the potential business partner in-depth, thus having key information to make strategic decisions.

Issla Risk | Global Intelligence has developed a portfolio of research and analysis of individuals and companies reputations, based on interviews with human sources in the industry, commerce, customers, suppliers, regulators, and other actors who know the commercial operations of the investigative subject.

Reputation has become a very important asset in the age of communications and technology. Transparency with customers, honesty, keeping promises, ethics and social commitment, or the opinion of their workers, customers, competitors, and regulators are some of the factors that make up the set of corporate reputation that we analyze. thoroughly.

In current times, reputation is highly valued at the time of linking with customers, suppliers, potential partners, etc. Reputation analysis is already an active component in risk management.

Practical cases

Some of the topics that we normally analyze at the request of our clients are:

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