Private and Family Research

For us, private and family research is considered highly sensitive, since it deals with matters that concern the family circle that includes very deep feelings. It is a great responsibility to develop an investigation of this nature. We have a team specialized in this type of tasks, which is responsible for analyzing, reviewing and planning a private investigation.

Our private investigation service is designed to protect family interests. It was structured with professional standards and technical criteria based on our experience of several decades in the profession of private investigator. The main purpose of this service is to make available to the client data, precise information, verified and technically proven, oriented to needs of a private and family nature. The information contained in the report will serve the client as a tool to defend and protect the rights of her and her family, the reputation, dignity and patrimonial interests of the family. The report can help the client make the right decisions, based on evidence and knowing the real facts, within a framework of absolute confidentiality and professionalism. Some of the most requested services are:


  • Asset Search – in cases of divorce and controversial inheritances,
  • Search and Location of People – local, national and international searches for friends, relatives, partners. Search for Biological Parents: Search, Identification and Location of Biological Parents – many children were adopted in South America by couples from the US and Europe. Many times the adoptive parents look for the biological parents so that the adopted child knows the biological parents and siblings of her.
  • Pre-marital inquiries – avoid romance scams. Often the parents of the bride or groom request this service to find out the background of the candidate who will unite her life with the family. As professionals we understand that it is a very delicate private matter that requires a discreet, objective and impartial investigation based on solid and irrefutable evidence. Our team in charge of pre-marital investigations has extensive experience in this type of case and has all the resources for an efficient investigation. This type of case is recurrent in the case of couples who know each other through social networks and fortune hunters.
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