KYC | Know Your Client

KYC Research Investigations is a support service to our customers in the financial banking industry in their regulatory obligations.

An investigation of Know to your client can be the line that marks the difference between profits and losses. KYC is one of the most important measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, especially for the financial and banking industry (local and international).

The first action of a money laundering investigation undoubtedly focuses on the client’s knowledge and is the initial procedure to comply with government regulators and internal money laundering prevention policies. Our KYC service is based on the general recommendations of local and international regulators and basically consists of completely identifying the individual or corporate client. Our report provides detailed information to answer key questions about the person and the company.

The report goes beyond routine control and includes investigations in the field, covering all the risk factors, the associated risks, and the inherent risk.

Benefit of KYC

With this service, we are the external operating arm of compliance officers and risk managers. The benefit provided by this service is to comply with regulatory obligations, prevent, manage risks, protect your reputation and avoid fines or losses.

KYC Service is Aimed at

Is a powerful tool to strengthen their compliance to the AML / CFT programs. Specially to our clients of the banking financial industry. 

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