KYC | Know Your Client Investigation

know your client Investigation  Protect yourself from the risk of Financial and Economic Crimes with our Americas KYC Investigations

The KYC (know your client) investigation is a service to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and minimize/neutralize the risks of having commercial links with white-collar criminals. Our Americas KYC Investigations service covers several areas of possible risks that include: full identification of people and companies, identification of UBOs (ultimate beneficial owners), check of legal matters, sanctions, suspicious participation in tenders, identification of PEPs and assimilated, review of civil and criminal records of people and companies, bankruptcies check, site visit in the field, interviews with people, reputational analysis and any other potential risk matter that our clients are interested in. 

The key topics of the investigation were designed based on the 40 recommendations of the FATF and other regulatory bodies. Our KYC investigation is a very effective tool and helps in making crucial decisions, especially in international financial business. With this service our clients have avoided costly fines, lost millions and considerable reputational damage. 

The service neutralizes the risk of starting or continuing business relationships with criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians. This service is adaptable to the needs of banks, financial institutions, large and medium-sized companies, and can cover multiple jurisdictions in North America, South America and the Caribbean.

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