Litigations Support

Our Litigations Support service was developed by our attorneys, analysts and investigators to provide intelligence support in cases of complex national and transnational legal disputes.

We support the client in his legal strategy to obtain the evidence, collect and analyze large volumes of information, fully identify the counterpart, and know the weaknesses and strengths of the opponent. We design and implement the research plans, based on the legal strategy and collect key information, forensic analysis of the evidence and coordinate the classification and analysis of key data.

We act in the preparation of the trial, we support during the development of the trial in court and on repeated occasions we act as technical consultants or witnesses.

Benefits of Applying The Litigations Support

Methodology of Work

To achieve the objective, we can use general research techniques, OSINT, SOCMINT, and other intelligence tools and techniques. The service is designed to adapt to any legal system throughout the world.

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