International Due Diligence Service

Organizations that use our Due Diligence Services can benefit from better corporate practices, risk control and more reliable results in their transactions, projects, and investments.

Types of Reports

  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Individual Due Diligence
  • Integrity Due Diligence
  • KYC Due Diligence
  • Financial Due Diligence

What Is Due Diligence Service?

Due diligence research is the set of investigations carried out on a company to find out its existence, value, reputation, internal structure, and any other key information that interests a potential buyer or investor. It is a very frequent service requested in mergers and acquisitions, purchase of shares, etc., where the main objective is to reduce the risk of the purchase or investment through a technical-legal investigation. A due diligence report allows corporate governance and Decision-makers to identify and quantify risk factors.

General Goals of Due Diligence

The objectives pursued by a DD investigation are multiple and diverse, as they cover legal, commercial, reputational and very important general matters that are exclusive of interest to the investor. In this summary we include the most frequent objectives:

  • Fully identify the origin and operation of the company over time.
  • Identify and thoroughly analyze the legal structure of the company.
  • Physically locate the existence of the company (site visit)
  • Identify the shareholders and main executives from the incorporation until now.
  • Identify risks associated with shareholders and key principals.
  • Find potential positive synergies and measures that improve performance.
  • Obtain information - not public - very valuable for the negotiation process.
  • Obtain information on the reputation in the industry, suppliers, customers, and regulators.
  • Identify customers and suppliers
  • Identify regulatory violations
  • Identify or discover hidden risks.

Our Due Diligence Focus

We can make a very long list of the objectives of a Due Diligence investigation. Each investigation has a different motive, different needs, in different industries, different countries, different languages, and must be adapted to the specific need of each client.

When planning a due diligence investigation, the consultant must take into account geographic factors, legal issues, jurisdiction, and the customer’s specific risk appetite or need. With these concepts, it is possible to design a personalized investigation that can fully satisfy the client’s needs, without incurring unnecessary time and money.

Due Diligence service is a very effective tool to retrieve key information that allows the top management of the company to make strategic decisions, neutralize risks or threats, and minimize the margin of loss.

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