Brand Protection Research

Brand Protection Research Service is designed to react against international counterfeiting crime.

Our trademark protection service is a complete portfolio of highly efficient solutions and responses against criminal organizations dedicated to counterfeiting trademarks.

It is a tactical and operational tool at the service of our customers and is established on the basis of the laws for the protection of intellectual property in each country. Our network of international agents and multiple sources of information allows us to operate with success in any country in the world. Our program includes intelligence, investigations, Legal Affairs, and operations. With the collected information we can analyze and execute operations with the police, judicial and customs authorities.

During the raids, we help the authorities in gathering evidence, seizing the product and securing the seized counterfeit materials. Later, in coordination with the client, the legal department, and a technical support during the destruction of counterfeit products. The expected result of this service is to identify the people and organizations involved in the counterfeiting of brands, to the detriment of our customers.

During the investigation it is possible to identify: the financiers and the people involved in the counterfeiting, the piracy routes, the facilitators, etc. In coordination with the authorities, we help confiscate and destroy the counterfeit product. We can also support the legal department in civil and criminal proceedings. The final result is: discover, interrupt transit, seize and destroy counterfeit products and legally prosecute of criminals.

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