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Elevate your corporate practices with our comprehensive Due Diligence Investigations

Key Benefits of International Due Diligence Reports

Integrating International Due Diligence Reports into your business strategy ensures a proactive and informed approach to investments, mergers, or acquisitions, fostering long-term success and sustainability.

Financial Transparency

Ensure financial clarity with Due Diligence Reports, analyzing statements, liabilities, and revenue streams for transparent decision-making.

Risk Mitigation

Identify and mitigate potential transaction risks with thorough International Due Diligence Reports, ensuring informed and secure decisions.

Informed Decision-Making

Gain comprehensive insights into a company's health for strategic decisions through detailed International Due Diligence Reports.

Corporate Due Diligence Report Content

Corporate File

Retrieval of legal documents containing key information about officers, directors, legal representatives, shareholders, registration date, and current filing details.

Operational Structure

Thorough analysis and review of the commercial and operational structure of the company, encompassing its branches and transnational operations.

Media Check (OSINT)

Examination of the company's presence in the media, social networks, and the internet.

Litigation Check

Verification of judicial databases to identify litigation, disputes, convictions, and sanctions.

Financial Statements

Access to updated financial statements obtained from public sources in each country.

Reputation Enquiries [Humint]

Consultation of human sources from industry, commerce, suppliers, customers, neighbors, etc.

Asset Search

Verification of the Land Registry and research in property registries.

Associated Company Registry Check

Examination of the registry to identify and assess relevant information about associated or affiliated companies.

Site Visit

Conducting on-site visits as needed, including interviews with neighbors and individuals familiar with the company's location. This also involves capturing photos and videos for comprehensive insights.

What Sets Us Apart:

Tailored Due Diligence for Caribbean Businesses

  • Our due diligence research is specifically tailored for companies operating in the Caribbean.

  • Uncover vital information such as existence, value, reputation, and internal structure crucial for potential buyers and investors.

  • Our meticulous approach, especially in mergers, acquisitions, and share purchases, aims to minimize risks through detailed technical-legal investigations.

Multijurisdictional Investigation

Embark on a comprehensive journey with our Multijurisdictional Investigations service. Navigate complex regulatory landscapes seamlessly, ensuring thorough examination and compliance across diverse jurisdictions.

And 30 More Countries

¿How can I help my customers?
By providing reliable intelligence for timely and effective tactical and strategic decision-making. Comprehensive, effective, and timely intelligence support is crucial. Before planning a case, it is necessary to understand the client’s needs and tailor the scope.

About me
I’m a corporate investigation professional with extensive regional LatAm experience. My work focuses on risk identification, fraud prevention and investigation, asset recovery, and risk control for companies, investors, and private individuals. Most of my clients have projects and business interests in Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean.

Victor Cañete - Founder of ISSLA RISK

Corporate Investigations | Due Diligence | Anticounterfeiting | South America & The Caribbean Region
Cel: +595 994 357-503
Mail: [email protected]

Empowering Our Research

Media Research

Our bilingual and trilingual analysts conduct extensive internet research and check multiple databases, providing accurate and timely information.

Litigation Checks

We go beyond aggregators, drilling down to the county level and conducting manual searches of legal documents, providing a detailed analysis of complex legal cases.

Business Intelligence

With a global network of sources, we offer original insights not available publicly, giving you a crucial competitive advantage.

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Our research extends through multiple levels using the most current data to identify ultimate beneficial owners, providing transparency in ownership structure.

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